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Learning Lessons in Small Business Leadership
By Small Business Trends
April 16, 2012

Small business leadership is a crucial skill for all entrepreneurs. In fact, better leadership will make you a better entrepreneur on many levels. Leadership is not just a word. It affects your business profitability on many levels. Have a look!

Better Productivity

Cultivating your mobile workforce. The mobile workforce trend is probably here to stay. There are benefits in this trend not only for your employees but also for you if you embrace the concept and what it has to offer. How can a mobile workforce work for your company. More Leadership, Less Management

Avoiding toxic work attitudes. Something as simple as word can change your life, the word should for example. Here are some thoughts about how words and judgements can effect us negatively in our business decisions. How are judgements leveled by others affecting you? The Savvy Copywriter

Better Execution

Captivating your audience. Whether speaking to a group about your business or brand or giving a talk about business in general, your presentation will be critical. How do you improve your presentation skill to make them the best they can be? TweakYourBiz

Understanding ROI. While this post is about social media return on investment, of course, ROI is something to be considered in every part of your business. What to be a success in your business? Focus only on what works and avoid other considerations. Analytical-Solution.com

Better Opportunities

Leading the new vanguard. Crowdsourced companies are a whole new animal. What will leading one really mean. You do not have to wait to find out. Go behind the scenes in this slideshow of a crowdsourced company in action. WSJ

Finding the real opportunity. Def Jam Records founder Russell Simmons covers a variety of topics from leadership to better attitudes toward work in this wide ranging session with other business leaders. One of the key takeaways for entrepreneurs however is to find what is missing. Inc.com

Better Marketing

Avoiding big marketing mistakes. Have you made these? You would not be alone. Understand the importance of changing your mindset and going for the best decisions when coping with a tough economy. Going to extremes will openly hurt your business and is not a good way to handle decisions. Talk Business With Howard

The Three Stooges guide to PR. Or how not to handle PR campaigns from a leadership position. In this post we look at leadership missteps when it comes to managing your marketing and promotion message. EMSI

Better Sustainability

Maintaining great vendor relationships. If you want to know the key to maintaining sustainable business services over time, the key may be in maintaining and nurturing great relationships with the vendors that support your business. Do not simply chase the next big thing. Small Biz Diamonds

Building a future with small business. The following post is definitely NOT an unbiased look at the pros and cons of working for yourself versus working for others. In fact, the post expresses the point of view that starting a business of your own, or at least investing, are the only scalable ways of creating sustainable wealth. Free From Broke

And here is a community that allows you to grow and for information gathering for people who think outside the box. You will gain valuable information on marketing.

Marketing can happen for you, if you are motivated. Now, this marketing community that is where you can work and gather as much information that you need to succeed. The community name is Tomorrows Home Business Social Community and is located at this address http://tomorrowshomebusiness.ning.com.

In this marketing community, the business entrepreneur will be able to read blogs and watch videos for business, or just for pleasure. With a few RSS feeds coming to the main page, the entrepreneur can even stay informed of what is happening in marketing and around the world. There is something here in this community for everyone.

Groups like the Maniac Marketers come in and post their blogs in the community, giving valuable information for their Health and Wellness businesses. If you would rather watch videos of the TriVita videos, you can do that, too. Or if you just want to hang out and relax, you can do that, too! There are many music videos like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, and Seasick Steve! Or if you want to learn about handcrafts or see the equally oldest Ford antique car, a 1903 Model A Ford, you can do that, too! Or maybe you need an inspirational video clip! There are many choices of inspirational clips, such as Al Pacinos locker room speech in Any Given Sunday, or Mel Gibson as William Wallace motivating the Scottish men men before battle in Braveheart; or Sylvester Stalone as Rocky and how he motivates himself in the boxing ring, or even his inspirational conversation with his son, and who can forget those chants for Rudy in the movie Rudy!

When you become a member of Tomorrow’s Home Business Social Community, there is a profile created just for you. You can use the standard set-up on your page. Or you can be as creative as you want to be. For an example check out my profile page at Terry Allisons Profile Page. I use my profile page as a dream-building tool. I have always wanted a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. I have learned to keep this dream in front of me.

A marketing community for people wanting to find out more information on how to market their own work at home business.

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