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Internet Marketing Agency

Internet Marketing Agency

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As companies realize how valuable high search engine rankings can be for business, they often want to know how to develop their own search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities. The answer depends on the approach that is desired: train existing personnel, hire an outside consultant or build a new team of employees. Many companies do not have the time or the knowledge to train their own personnel. At the Internet Marketing Agency, we do. Here are the functions we use for marketing any business.

Project management: At least one person should develop measurable SEO goals, delegate tasks and follow up to be sure objectives are being achieved.

Technical SEO and data analysis: Any SEO project requires data analysis in the form of keyword research, traffic measurement and goal evaluation. Someone should be able to draw conclusions from the data your SEO efforts produce.

Content creation: In many cases, SEO activities require large amounts of new content in the form of articles, infographics and other images. So a creative mind is a must on your SEO team.

Link building: Because back links can play a tremendous role in your website’s rankings, SEO teams should have at least one person who will pursue link-building opportunities and solicit back links.

Web development: In addition to back links, a number of other variables figure into SEO, including site speed, internal linking and navigation, and content indexing. You’ll need someone who can modify your site according to the latest SEO standards.

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