Dec 31

Extra Road Crews In To Combat Icy New Year’s Eve

Extra Road Crews In To Combat Icy New Year's Eve

As you’re getting ready to ring in the 2013, men and women with the Fayette County Streets and Roads Department are getting ready to hit the roads. Salt trucks will be out in full force Monday night, as the freezing rain and snow starts to come down.

“We’ve told the folks coming in at midnight they make work a twelve hour shift, maybe an eight hour shift. Depends on what the weather brings,” says Sam Williams, director of the department.

As you sleep off those hangovers, they’ll still be there: salting and clearing the snow and ice expected to move in those first few hours of 2013.

“I don’t think the event is probably going to start until two or three o’clock, we won’t have folks out until they’re needed,” Williams says.

The state will have about 124 trucks out on highways and interstates. In Lexington, about 24 trucks will be salting city streets.

“The fact that we had a snow a day or so ago, we still have some salt residue on the streets, so that is in essence a pre-treatment so we won’t be doing any special pre-treating,” says Williams. “We will treat as needed.”

Remember: if you’re leaving a party late New Year’s Eve night, aside from making sure you have a sober driver, be aware of slick pavement, and the big salt trucks you’ll be sharing the road with.


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