Dec 06

Drugs And Children Found In Motel Room

Drugs And Children Found In Motel Room

Two women are in custody in Madison County after they were caught allegedly exposing children to illegal drugs.
One Richmond Police Officer is calling it the most ‘horrific’ conditions he has seen small kids subjected to.

Richmond Police said this isn’t the first time 51-year old Kathie Browning and 24-year old Sarah Ritenour have had a run in with the law, but this time they’re accused of involving two innocent little boys.

On Tuesday, investigators were called to Knights Inn on Northgate Drive for a report of two women using drugs with children present.

“The officer that actually responded there wrote in his report that he was horrified by the conditions inside the motel room. He stated in his 15-years of experience he has never seen so many needles and paraphernalia in one spot,” explained Major Bob Mott, with Richmond Police Department.

Authorities said when they arrived at Knights Inn a smokey haze filled the motel room. On the bed sleeping, a 4 and 9 year old boy. Major Mott said he isn’t sure who the children belong to, but Browning is allegedly a relative. As for the women, both of them face charges.

“Rises to the level of wanton endangerment. If you got the needles laying around obviously small children can get into needles, so it’s a true danger and that’s where the charge of wanton endangerment came in,” stated Major Mott.

Police said they wont know for sure what drugs the women were injecting until they get lab results back. As for the little boys, social services stepped in and placed them with another relative.

While both women are charged with wanton endangerment authorities said only Ritenour has been charged with drug possession.

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