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B-12 Vitamins

B-12 Vitamins

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The Foundation of Energy
By Brazos Minshew, TriVita Chief Science Officer

Do you remember what it feels like to be in love? The euphoria was magnificent! You likely experienced less pain, a decrease in appetite and endless energy.

Would you like to have that energetic feeling back?

Healthy aging: love and friendship
In over two decades of experience working with the critically ill and those nearing the end of their life, I must say that I have learned no greater truth about healthy aging than the words spoken by actress Jeanne Moreau. She once said that Age does not protect us from love but, to some extent, love protects us from age.

The ability to give and receive love is the beginning of healthy aging. Love tells us that we belong, that we matter. Love makes it safe to try new things because real love makes it safe to fail. All our life we are creating community and family to nourish and nurture us. In return, we provide nurturing for others and the cycle of care continues.

There are lessons that healthy community teaches us. For instance, we learn empathy and to accept our loved ones with their flaws and faults. And this teaches us to accept ourselves with our flaws and faults. We learn to forgive and let go of resentment and guilt. We learn the art of negotiation and compromise.

Emotional balance is fostered by a sense of community. Our friends actually help us form, transform and re-form our own personality as we continue to grow. We create our extended family by selecting people that are very much like ourselves and very much different; people that we feel we are called to help and people that inspire us as well.

How does this relate to healthy aging? Robert McAfee Brown said, How does one keep from growing old inside? Surely only in community. The only way to make friends with time is to stay friends with people. Taking community seriously not only gives us the companionship we need, it also relieves us of the notion that we are indispensable.

On a physical, cellular level, people with healthy attachments live longer and better lives. One report stated that married men live about 17 years longer than bachelors. Another study concluded that support groups add 25 percent or greater longevity to certain people.

People that are integrated into a large social circle have fewer accidents, illnesses and emotional disturbances. They are healthier and happier.

How nutrients help
We have more to give when we are healthy. In a sense, we owe it to our loved ones to optimize our health by nourishing our personal wellness. If we are part of a family or community the same responsibility applies. And if we have dedicated ourselves to higher purposes, then pursuing wellness demonstrates respect for our dedication.

Healthy Foundation nutrients provide a stable foundation for wellness.

Which nutrients?
Many reports today talk about the dramatic decline in Vitamin D levels in recent years. Vitamin D has now been added to our most wanted list when it comes to supplements. What else is on that list?

Vitamin B-12 is one of the most common deficiencies among those over 40 years of age, as well as those suffering with allergies, asthma and a host of other stressful conditions. Vitamin C is also a top contender for most wanted in our body as we age. We have heard about Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids and the importance of these essential fats to heart and brain health, targets for inflammation and disease. Finally, magnesium rounds out the top five most-needed nutrients to support healthy aging.

With this in mind, we have formulated Wellavoh and VitaDaily AM-PM to help boost levels of magnesium and Vitamin D. (If you need even more, consider Bone Growth Factor or VitaCal-Mag D.) OmegaPrime provides the optimum amount of Omega-3 EFA for the average person. When we combine OmegaPrime with the Omega-3 EFA in Wellavoh, we get an even more robust supply of Omega-3 EFA.

Sublingual B-12, Super Sublingual B-12 and HCY Guard all provide Vitamin B-12 that we need in the sublingual form adults use. Take this with our Vital C Crystals in the morning for energy and antioxidant protection during the day. Take a Vital C Tablet at bedtime for continued antioxidant protection as you sleep.

So, develop these habits that are the foundation for energy and healthy aging:

Choose emotionally healthy friends and form a loving community of people that call you to be at your very best every day;
Take your Healthy Foundation nutrients; and
Become an ardent student of the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness.

Take Control of Your Health

Learn and live the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness
Take Healthy Foundation nutrients:
Wellavoh or VitaDaily AM-PM
Sublingual B-12
Vital C
Magnesium and a Vitamin D supplement (found in Wellavoh, VitaDaily AM-PM, VitaCal-Mag D, Bone Growth Factor)
Focus on building a loving community of family and friends!

Take the Wellness Challenge.

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