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B-12 Vitamins

B-12 Vitamins

Is It Possible to Feel Great Every Day?
by Dr. Scott Conard

If you have racked up more than a few New Years celebrations, it is likely that you feel less energetic the more time that passes. Maybe you feel more down than you used to, or less inclined to get out and enjoy life, or just too pooped to participate. This is common as we age, but it is definitely NOT an inevitable part of getting older.

If the prospect of a brand new year just seems like more of the same old, same old to you, now is the time to do something different to jump-start 2012, and maybe your whole life.

Do these problems describe you?
Do you feel tired all the time? Moody? Forgetful? Do you have trouble concentrating? Are you worried that your mental clarity is not as sharp as it used to be? And you just do not know why? The problem could be the same thing that has us ringing in a New Year: time. As the years go by, we can see changes happening on the outside, but we may not be aware of an important change inside. This important change starts happening after about age 30 (or even earlier, in some cases). Even though we may stick to the healthiest eating and exercise habits, after 30 we just can not make use of some of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need for good health and a positive outlook.

5 vitamins for feeling good
Experts know that we need certain vitamins for lasting energy, stamina, mental sharpness and better moods:



Folic acid


Alpha Ketoglutarate

Unfortunately, these nutrients are harder to absorb as we age. So, it is really important to put these health-boosting helpers back into our bodies with good eating habits and daily, quality supplements. It is important to note that even young people can have trouble absorbing essential nutrients. Recent research has found that even people in their 20s can be deficient in key vitamins important for everyday vitality. Here are just a few of the benefits that these powerful vitamins can give us:

Boosts mental energy
Improves memory
Sharpens mental focus

Protects the nervous system
Creates energy enzymes

Folic acid (folate)
Helps produce and nourish new cells
Helps protect against heart disease

Balances blood sugar
Helps against restless nerves

Alpha Ketoglutarate
Delivers oxygen to the brain
Helps remove toxic waste such as aluminum and ammonia

With so much power, no wonder that over 12 million boxes of TriVitas Sublingual B-12 with B-6 and Folic Acid have been delivered to wellness seekers around the world.

The word sublingual in the name is very important: it means under the tongue. Medical experts know that this is the fastest way to get B vitamins right into your bloodstream, placing a tablet under your tongue and letting it dissolve.

If you want sustained mental energy, stamina and alertness or improved moods with a more positive outlook or greater mental focus or sharper memory, it sounds like you need to make the move to discover how good it feels to really jump into life. To get the most out of this exciting New Year, TriVitas Sublingual B-12 is the smart choice.

Scott Conard, M.D., founded TienaHealth, an organization of medical doctors in primary care practice who emphasize healthy lifestyles to maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considered a national expert on disease prevention. TienaHealth also conducts clinical trials.

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