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B-12 Vitamins

B-12 Vitamins

What Is the Connection? Mental Health, Dental Health and Your Heart
By Brazos Minshew, TriVita Chief Science Officer

Previously, we discussed the effect of loneliness on heart health. Powerful chemicals from the brain alter the way the heart functions. The heart and blood vessels respond with inflammation. Arteries harden, the efficiency of the heart muscle is reduced as the heart enlarges, and heart failure results.

Other triggers of heart disease are related to dental health. Curiously, dental health and mental health are also strongly related. How does this happen? Which comes first in this triad of triggers for heart disease?

Heart health, dental health
Coronary artery disease (CAD) usually progresses slowly over many years. The first sign of CAD is often a fatal heart attack. Because CAD is silent, it becomes imperative to practice preventive medicine such as testing for C-reactive protein (CRP), as well as blood pressure and cholesterol. However, another form of heart disease progresses quite rapidly. It is called single-artery disease.

Single artery disease clogs a single artery while all or most other blood vessels remain clean. It can happen when injury or infection creates inflammation in the absence of disease:

Dental infection: One of the most common bacteria comes from a dental infection. Bacteria from inflamed gums can escape into the bloodstream and attack a single blood vessel in or near the heart.
Inflammation: Inflammation in the gums attracts white blood cells by means of protein messengers called cytokines. Some of these messengers leak into the bloodstream and attract white blood cells. White blood cells infiltrate the infected area because of the messenger cytokines. Cytokines that leak into the bloodstream and enter the heart may send the wrong message. It may also result in white blood cells attacking an artery in the heart. This is the beginning of single artery disease: white blood cells attracted by cytokines penetrate a single artery in the heart and cause blockage.

Smoking increases the number of bacteria in the mouth and causes LDL cholesterol to become stickier. This bad habit also increases inflammation in the entire body. Bacteria, LDL and inflammation make for a lethal combination for CAD and single artery disease.

Dental health, mental health
Mental illness comes in a variety of different forms: from anxiety and bipolar disorder to depression, schizophrenia and beyond. Among the common manifestations of these disorders is lack of attention to dental care. Irregular brushing and flossing will lead to a buildup of potentially lethal bacteria. As a result, cardiovascular disease is a common companion of mental illness.

Other aspects of personal care suffer from this same inattentiveness, including diet, exercise and rest. As you know, these habits are foundations for physical and mental health. Without these essentials in place, the health spirals downward and heart failure is one of many possibilities.

It seems that illnesses such as CAD and heart failure are much more complex than we ever imagined. Emotional distress, dental neglect, smoking and inflammation may all combine to create vascular disease. Constant attention to the 10 Essentials of Health and Wellness and normal biological needs like dental care can help us avoid many triggers for CAD and heart failure.

Essential number 4 concerns nutrients that everybody needs. Essential fatty acids like those found in OmegaPrime can help protect against inflammation. Vitamin C can also help reduce inflammation by cooling oxidative stress and Sublingual B-12 and HCY Guard helps reduce inflammatory homocysteine. I especially like Adaptogen 10 Plus because it helps reduce the impact of stress while providing antioxidant protection. Nutrients and nurturing, including proper dental care, give us the best foundation for a life of meaning and purpose.

Take Control of Your Health

Practice good dental hygiene
Brush at least twice daily for two minutes
Floss after meals
Get dental cleanings and checkups twice a year
Take Healthy Foundation nutrients
A multiple vitamin and mineral supplement
An Omega-3 supplement
A Sublingual B-12
A Vitamin C supplement
Reduce stress and use adaptogens when needed
Learn and live the 10 Essentials!

Take the Wellness Challenge.

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