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B-12 Vitamins

B-12 Vitamins

To Fight Brain Inflammation, Take Two: Sublingual B-12 and Nopalea
By By Scott Conard, M.D.

You may not know how crucial Vitamin B-12 is to brain health. Study after study shows B-12s role in fighting brain erosion, mental decline and other inflammatory brain conditions.

As a practicing physician, I can tell you about something even more remarkable: when you take TriVita Sublingual B-12 with the anti-inflammatory wellness drink Nopalea, the unique combination can help both your brain and your body achieve optimal health. I recommend Sublingual B-12 with Nopalea for a range of inflammatory brain disorders.

The science behind the powerhouse pair

For a scientific look at why B-12 and Nopalea work so well together, I have asked TriVita Chief Science Officer Brazos Minshew to explain.

This is a story about fat: good fat, properly metabolized fat. Two-thirds of the human brain is fat. The truth is, most of us do not eat enough of the right kinds of fats. But even when we do, there are toxins in our environment that keep us from metabolizing them properly (using them for energy.) The soil that most food is grown in that most of us eat is contaminated with lead and other heavy metals that block metabolism of fat. Here is another issue: lead can block even the essential fatty acids you get from food and supplements.

So what can detoxify the lead that blocks the good fat from getting through? TriVitas Sublingual B-12. One of the most important things that Sublingual B-12 does for us is to unblock our metabolism so that the fats can get to where we need them.

Meet taurine, the pilot of our fat transport system

Once the good fats have been unblocked by B-12, they need to get to all the places in the brain and body where they do their good work. They need a transport specialist (actually a transport molecule), and it is an amino acid called taurine. However, we do not get taurine in our diet. Our bodies have to manufacture it, and almost anything can interrupt the process. Here is the exciting part where Nopalea comes in:

Nopalea is loaded with taurine!

In fact, Nopalea is the only mature fruit source of taurine in all of nature!

Get what you need with Sublingual B-12 and Nopalea

In partnership with Sublingual B-12, Nopalea is a must to help us think, feel and function at our best. Here is an analogy that may help you remember: think of a gondola on a canal in Venice. Taurine is the gondola, Sublingual B-12 is the gondolier, and the good fats are the happy couple sitting there enjoying the ride to their destination.

My thanks to Brazos for that clear and colorful explanation. I hope he has helped you better understand the science behind Nopalea and its remarkable benefits.

Scott Conard, M.D., founded TienaHealth, an organization of medical doctors in primary care practice who emphasize healthy lifestyles to maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considered a national expert on disease prevention. TienaHealth also conducts clinical trials.

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