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B-12 Vitamins

B-12 Vitamins

Can A Supplement Ease Alzheimers?

Science connects the dots between Vitamin B-12, brain erosion and health
by Dr. Scott Conard

Is your life touched by the terrible toll of Alzheimers? If you are one of the millions who care for people with this progressive disease, you probably see its impact all too often. The memory loss, confusion and erosion of mind and body can be heartbreaking to witness, and can not yet be cured.

I would like to share encouraging news for those who are coping with this affliction, and for their family and friends. There are hopeful steps being taken in the fight against Alzheimers, and one involves Vitamin B-12.

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Brain health and B-12
A small but significant 2008 study suggests a link between low levels of Vitamin B-12 and higher chances of having brain volume loss (also called brain erosion). Since one of the results of Alzheimers disease is brain erosion, this could signal even greater importance for maintaining healthy levels of B-12. The study, from the University of Oxford, England, reached this dramatic conclusion:

People with lower levels of Vitamin B-12 were six times more likely to have brain volume loss (also called brain erosion) than those with higher B-12 levels.

This finding led the researchers to suggest that B-12 may protect against brain erosion, which is linked to reduced mental function. A reduction in mental function, of course, is a key outward symptom of Alzheimers disease. The British study took place over five years, involving 107 adults ages 61 to 87.

The goal of the study was simple: What is the link between Vitamin B-12 levels and brain erosion? To find the answer, according to results published in the medical journal Neurology, participants underwent annual blood tests, MRIs, physical exams and memory tests. None of the study subjects had any mental impairment when they began the project.

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More B-12 equals bigger brains
At the end of the five years, all the participants had B-12 levels within the normal range; however, the differences in brain volume were significant between those in the normal low range and those in the normal-high range. Again, those with the lowest B-12 levels were six times more likely to suffer measurable brain erosion than those with the highest levels.

Naturally, those of us who are informed about the importance of B-12 in leading a healthy life are excited about having even more evidence in favor of this powerhouse vitamin.

We have known for some time that people who have a B-12 deficiency can experience symptoms caused by decreased mental and nerve functioning. These symptoms can include mental confusion and forgetfulness, mood swings and even psychotic behavior like seeing and/or hearing things.

What is relatively new, though, is the connection between brain volume, B-12 and diseases like Alzheimer s. I urge you to continue supplementing with TriVitas quality B-12, and to share its importance with others.

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