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Anti-inflammatory Products

Anti-inflammatory Products

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Breast Cancer and Black Cohosh
By Brazos Minshew, TriVita Chief Science Officer

At least once a week I get a request for information about potential health risks from natural substances. Last week the query concerned the herb, black cohosh, and the condition of breast cancer.

First, let me express my deep concern, sympathy and support for anyone with cancer. It is a horrible disease. I spent six years in cancer research and saw many people tormented by this disease, and many families stressed beyond imagination as they shared in the suffering. The good news is that our research has helped us understand ways of protecting against this disease, and many options for treating it. One effective option for some of the side effects of conventional therapy are biological medicines such as black cohosh and evening primrose oil.

How black cohosh works
Black cohosh is one of many plants that contain nutrients with structures similar to human estrogen. These are called phytoestrogens because they originate with plants instead of animals. Phytoestrogens have been used to relieve hot flashes, night sweats and many other symptoms related to hormone imbalance. They can also be used when cancer therapy creates these symptoms.

Hot flashes are a common side effect of chemotherapy for breast, ovary and prostate cancers. Chemotherapy reduces to a minimum the number of estrogens your body needs. Phytoestrogens work by sitting on an unoccupied estrogen receptor until a valid estrogen arrives. It is kind of like a seat-filler waiting for a paying customer to come along and take the seat. This action of black cohosh relieves some of the symptoms of low estrogen.

Black cohosh does not cause cancer. In dozens of studies from around the world, black cohosh successfully relieved the symptoms associated with low estrogen, including symptoms caused by cancer treatment. Many oncologists have commented that phytoestrogens, such as black cohosh and red clover, may help protect against counterfeit inflammatory estrogens (pseudoestrogens or xenoestrogens) from causing receptor cell inflammation. Receptor inflammation is a major cause of breast and other cancers.

The same can be said of Omega-3 and anti-inflammatory Omega-6 oils, such as fish oil or evening primrose oil. These oils help reduce receptor cell inflammation and may help protect against the formation of early cancer cells.

What CAN cause cancer
We know of many triggers for cancer in certain susceptible people. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) increases a persons chance of getting cancer on a hormone receptor site. However, some people that take these drugs get cancer while others do not. Why is that? What is a common antecedent to cancer formation?

The difference between those that get cancer and those that do not can often be genetic. Certain genes code for a protein that causes hormone receptor inflammation. These genes do not code for disease; they merely code for, or produce, a protein that under certain circumstances creates inflammation. This starts a domino effect that ends in disease.
Insulin is a hormone that often triggers inflammation. A person has higher blood levels of insulin when they are insulin-resistant (IR) and obese. One reason why cancer rates are higher among obese people is because of high levels of insulin. Genetic proteins plus HRT, plus the inflammatory insulin associated with obesity, predispose a person to breast cancer, prostate cancer, endometrial cancer and many other forms of disease. It is very important to keep insulin in proper balance by reducing IR and obesity.

Reduce inflammation, insulin and obesity and you can help reduce many, but not all, cancers. Reduce triggers such as HRT and toxic, counterfeit estrogens and you can further reduce your risk of cancer. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, which are full of anti-inflammatory phytoestrogens, to help improve your health. Good health also increases the resources you have to offer to your family, your community and your many life purposes.

Take Control of Your Health

Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, 5 servings daily for children, 7 for women and 9 for men. Include brassica vegetables, which have been shown to possess anticarcinogenic properties:
Brussels sprouts
Increase your intake of soybeans, black cohosh, whole grains, legumes, tempeh and flax seeds. Increase fiber to at least 30 grams per day.
Increase Vitamin D, both through sun exposure and supplementation. Caution: Do not tan and avoid sunburn. Typically, 20 minutes of sun exposure in the early morning is enough to increase your blood levels of Vitamin D without the risk of sunburn.
Exercise for 30 minutes on most days of the week.
Schedule regular appointments with your health care provider.
Implement a plan to achieve your ideal body weight to reduce obesity, insulin resistance and the total amount of inflammatory insulin.

Take the Wellness Challenge.

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