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Anti-inflammatory Products

Anti-inflammatory Products

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Arthritis: More Common than the Common Cold
By Brazos Minshew, TriVita Chief Science Officer

What is the most common medical diagnosis in North America? Arthritis!

Arthritis literally means joint (arthro-) inflammation (-itis). Indeed, there is often inflammation around a diseased joint. But, did you know that arthritis is a disease of dehydration? Yes; long before the joints swell and inflame, the water-rich lining of the joint begins to dry out. That is why most doctors have changed the diagnosis from arthritis to Degenerative Joint Disease. To effectively care for degenerating joints we need to find a way to get fluid, especially water, back into its proper place.

Have you ever put two north pole magnets together? Notice how they repel each other? A similar phenomenon occurs in your joints. Thousands of positively charged proteins called GAGs push each other apart and create a vacuum in your joint space. But nature does not like a vacuum. So your body will fill this space with a nutrient-rich soup made of minerals, fats and water. In degenerative joint disease, GAGs are lost and the vacuum collapses. No water gets in and your joints dry out and become inflamed.

Inflammation occurs when a special cell in your joint bursts and releases acids and histamines. This cell is called a mast cell. When a mast cell is damaged by trauma or toxins, or is weakened by nutrient deficiency or other stress, it pops like a water balloon and its contents flood out to neighboring cells.

Even healthy cells cannot resist this flood of chemicals and they will join in spreading inflammation. Within a short time, all of the joints in a region can become inflamed with arthritis because of dehydration in one joint. Mast cells also exist in your skin. So the area around a diseased joint will become red and warm to the touch.

The solution to this immediate problem is really quite simple.

Replace the nutrients found in the soup of your joints. The most important nutrients to put into your joints are mineral protein complexes. Glucosamine, chondroitin and methyl-sulfonyl methane (MSM) are three good representatives of this family of protein-mineral complexes. Also, basic minerals like magnesium and boron are very important to joint health. These nutrients are pumped in and out of your joints by movement. So, keeping your joints mobile and active is critical.

Stabilize the mast cell so it does not pop. Mast cells are surrounded by healthy fats. Dietary fats from certain fish and nuts can help reduce inflammation. Also, supplemental fats like Perilla seed oil, fish oil and cetyl myristoleate (CMO) create healthy, robust mast cells.

Clean out any debris left over from the inflammation. Finally, you must clean out all of the fractured proteins to prevent more cell damage in the future. These proteins are like broken glass inside your joints. The enzyme Bromelain is very effective at reducing these fractured proteins and inflammation.

The results
Numerous studies from such renowned researchers as Navarro, Ressel and Bucci have all demonstrated that joints can be re-hydrated by following these recommendations. Just imagine what this means: we may not have found a cure for the common cold but we have found a way to help repair the most common crippling degeneration we face in North America.

Take Control of Your Health

Take glucosamine and other joint-health nutrients. TriVitas physician-formulated Joint Complex provides the nutrients that have been shown to help re-hydrate joints.
Increase essential fatty acids. OmegaPrime from TriVita contains healthy fats that can help stabilize mast cells.
Keep your joints clean with enzymes. Enzymes such as Bromelain can help reduce inflammation; Bromelain is an ingredient in TriVitas Joint Complex.
Drink pure water. Divide your weight (in pounds) by 2; this is the number of ounces of water you should drink every day.
Get daily exercise. Try to get 30 minutes of exercise per day for optimum health.

Take the Wellness Challenge.

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