Feb 12

Adults In Kentucky Score Higher On GED Test In 2012

Adults In Kentucky Score Higher On GED Test In 2012

After one year of successful computer-based GED testing in Kentucky, GED Testing Service has found that adults are passing at higher rates and finishing faster.

Key data from GED Testing Service’s analysis:

•In 2012, the national pass rate for adults taking the GED test on computer was 88 percent compared with 71 percent for those who tested on paper.
•In 2012, more than 145 computerized GED test were delivered in Kentucky and 94 percent of adults earned passing scores on subject tests.
•Adults testing on computer were 59 percent more likely to retake a failed test instead of giving up and dropping out of the program.
•On average, adults who tested on computer completed their exams an hour and a half faster than their paper-and-pencil contemporaries.

GED Testing Service is now offering a unique opportunity to encourage the 750,000 Americans in Kentucky without a high school diploma to try the test on computer. Through May 31, 2013 any adult in Kentucky who chooses to begin their GED test on computer will receive one free retake if they fail. GED testing on computer provides many new benefits to test-takers and Kentucky is offering the test on computer to prepare for the new 2014 GED test, which is scheduled for release on Jan. 2, 2014 and will only be delivered on computer.
To learn more about the details of the offer or to locate a local GED testing center in Kentucky, visit www.GEDcomputer.com.


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